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This barely legal phone sex pussy needs some x-rated phonesex.barely legal phone sex

This barely legal phone sex pussy needs some x-rated phonesex.

I have just started having hot young roleplay phone sex, and I absolutely  love it. I am the girl that looks and talks young,  and cute and ready for a real man to take me that little bit further each time. My barely legal pussy needs to be stretched by a big cock, and then my sweet little ass can be used for all your perverted pedo desires. I am a submissive little girl, but can also do a little domme or resistance calls!

I want to learn everything there is to learn about sex, and I’m sure you would be the one to teach me – or at least we can go on crazy hunts for the ultimate barely legal phone sex fetish’s and rolplays that we can find and twist them to our own little fantasies! This could be very fun for us both! Let’s try to shock, excite and make each other really fucking hot! I know quite a bit but there is way more out there that you and the phone lines can teach me.

I love bringing nasty new thought into my head and making your sick and twisted desires into a hot roleplay. This  barely legal phone sex girl’s  pussy needs the experience of a horny pervert who wants to corrupt me. Will you be the one to take me over the edge of no return?

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So I just wanted to hear what all you nasty pedophile phonesex freaks  deapest darkest fantasies are.   Every little detail, want me to lick that little girls pussy while you watch stroking that cock.  I will play out every detail your twisted little mind can come up with.

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I’ve always been a sweet girl. I’ve always had so much luck at tricking cute little girls into coming back to my place. You see my boyfriend likes little girls, he told me it was just a fantasy but I could tell by the way he looked at my preteen cousin he really wanted bald cunt.

I loved teasing him, inviting her over and her young friends for a girls night. Well one night she came over and I allowed her to drink some vodka. She got a little tipsy so I laid her in my bed. He came in and laid down beside her rubbing her stomach and working his hand down to her sweet young snatch! I just sat and watched his cock start to bulged from him gym shorts.

She was moaning as he messaged her clit and let out a little cry when he pushed 2 fingers inside of her. By this time I took my panties off and started sucking his cock!

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Welcome to Pennys pedo playland, I am youenny and I am your pedo slut, every pedophiles dream come true.  Let me be  your little play toy for the night or forever.  Bend me over and lick and fuck my little cunt, tight and untainted, but yet ready and willing to please you in whatever way you need.  Fill my holes with every ounce of fluid in that cock.  If you are a pedo lover then you need to try this pussy, make me call you daddy while you pull my hair and fuck me in the ass.

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Hot Pedo Phonesex with Penny

Penny is the little innocent little girl that everyone wants. I will do whatever you command me to do. I know not to say no. My father taught me very well. If one wants’ than one shall receive and that goes for anything! “Giggles”.  I will suck your cock until it turns purple but I bet you will cum way before then once you get into my juicy mouth and my tongue swirling around. Pick up the phone to have Pedo Phonesex with Penny!

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Congratulations you have found the best pedo phonesex slut on the net, I m Penny everybody’s pedo phonesex dream.  I do anything and everything you fantasize about.  Whether its the teen slut you always wanted to fuck, or your hot little sister that walked in on you masterbating and now cant stop thinking about.  Did you have a babysiter that touched you when you were little, you know you loved it, how about a little cuckold; maybe your babysitter let you watch her suck her boyfriends dick or fuck him.  I do it all whatever you want in the world of pedo phonesex, call me I will make you cum over and over with my tight little pussy.

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000020 400x592 I also have the BESTEST imagination EVER!

I love getting naked and having fun. I’m not new to entertaining but what I don’t know you can teach me. I’m very enthusiastic and we’ll have a great time together.

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I also have the BESTEST imagination EVER!


The Pleasures of Married Pedophile Phone Sex Addict


Pedophile Phone Sex Addict

The Pleasures of  Married Pedophile Phone Sex Addict

You know what this guy I was chatting with told me? It seems he  accidentally mentioned pedo phonesex in his sleep and got into big trouble with his wife! Here’s what he had told me…

“I confess, I’m a phonesex addict and this habit of chatting up little teen phonesex girls has become an inseparable part of my life. It wasn’t surprising that I mumbled something about  teen or pedo phone sex in my sleep and got caught by my wife. She was  very mad, but also happy that she didn’t catch me with another woman or confessing to cheating in that matter, now she just worries about the way I look at our sweet little 13 year old daughter and her friends!”

I thought this was awsome and had to share!
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