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Penny’s Pedo Playland – Teen Phonesex Girl


I wanted to share a special call with my special step-daddy!

Daddy crawled into bed with me and snuggled up close like he always does, but this time I noticed him poking me in my little butt! I asked daddy why he was poking me and said since i was 8 years old now that it was time I learned what cute little girls like me do to guys like daddy! He showed me his Huge cock and asked if I had ever saw one…I giggled and said no. Daddy pulled me close and told me he would show me how to make daddy extra special.

He made me like the tip like a lolly pop and told me to put it as far down as I could, I choked a little but daddy said it was okay. I loved this underage phonesexroleplay already!  Daddy soon gave me a huge surprise, a gooey sticky load in my mouth! But he wasn’t done with me. He told me to lay on my belly pulled down my tiny white cotton panties. He then spread my ass and licked me…it made me tingle all over! Daddy told me that what he was gonna do next would hurt a little but I had to be a big girl.

He slide his huge hard cock down my ass and pushed it in just a little… wanna know how bad I cried and begged him not to hurt me? Well I guess you can find out on OUR next daddy daughter roleplay phone sex call. I cant wait for my next pedo phonesex call!


Penny’s Pedo Playland – Teen Phone sex Girl
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