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After school I walked by a store and I seen a nice pretty white laced panties and thought how cute they would be for my daddy, when mommy is not home. I want to have dirty phone sex while mommy and daddy are bumping and grinding in the sheets and I hear her screaming so loud wishing it was me……… I have dirty thoughts and fantasies; all I need is for you to come be my daddy!!! Make me hot, wet and horny!!!!

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So I just wanted to hear what all you nasty pedophile phonesex freaks  deapest darkest fantasies are.   Every little detail, want me to lick that little girls pussy while you watch stroking that cock.  I will play out every detail your twisted little mind can come up with.

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You all have came to the right place if naughty is what you crave! I know its really naughty and very taboo but I love  Teen Family Fun Phone Sex calls.

I love all sorts of roleplays from your underage daughter to your new step child who

Sometimes me and my Teen Family Fun Phone Sex callers pretend like its my first time, and sometimes we pretend that he’s been training me to be a young little cum slut for a while and he wants to play rough.  Maybe it gets me off because its naughty and kinky, but it ALWAYS gets me off anyways!

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Hi everyone! Its sunday night ans I am here all alone…I reall really wanna have some roleplay fun and Im in sure a sweet giggly mood tonight! here are some fun roleplays we might be able to have some fun on a hot phonesex call with!

  • I can be that little pre teen daughter that you have always had very naughty thoughts about here latley…you cant help but sneak a peek when I am in the shower and when I am getting ready for bed. You tuck me in and scurry to releave yourself in the next room! * Incest Phone Sex*
  • I am your very young and sweet babysitter and you come home very late, your wife is out of town and you just cant help but feel your budlge as you walk in and see me laying in your bed with just my panties and your T-shirt.  * Babysitter Phonesex.
  • I am that young school girl who cuts byt your house everyday on the way home from school, my skirt always inches shorts then all the other girls my age, and you deside that you are going to invite me in and give me a lesson on why little girls should not wear skirts so short! * School girl Phonesex Fun

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I’ve always been a sweet girl. I’ve always had so much luck at tricking cute little girls into coming back to my place. You see my boyfriend likes little girls, he told me it was just a fantasy but I could tell by the way he looked at my preteen cousin he really wanted bald cunt.

I loved teasing him, inviting her over and her young friends for a girls night. Well one night she came over and I allowed her to drink some vodka. She got a little tipsy so I laid her in my bed. He came in and laid down beside her rubbing her stomach and working his hand down to her sweet young snatch! I just sat and watched his cock start to bulged from him gym shorts.

She was moaning as he messaged her clit and let out a little cry when he pushed 2 fingers inside of her. By this time I took my panties off and started sucking his cock!

Give me a call and I will tell the rest of the naughty things we did with this preteen hottie! No Taboo and No Limits phone sex.  Any age age-play, I love pedo phone sex!




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Daddy's Girl Phone Sex with Teen Penny

Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex with Teen Penny

Daddy’s girl phone sex …My name is Penny and I am looking for a replacement, a older man with pedo thoughts and fantasies – for someone to have some daddy’s girl phone sex with who enjoys it and not just does it because I want it. When I was a little girl I used to fantasize about daddy sneaking into my room at night after mom had fallen asleep. He would slip under the covers with me and hold me close. He would touch me lovingly and then make me long for more of his touches. 

I would think about him letting me play with his very large, hard cock while he licked my slick, pink pussy until I was shaken uncontrollably! You see, I had peeked under the door while mommy and daddy were having sex and I wanted to be mommy, she was really really enjoying herself…and that is when I first got to see how big daddy really was!

Well daddy’s gone and I really miss being daddy’s little princess, can you help me? I need a father figure who can teach me how to treat a man right.

Call me now for some super secret daddy’s girl phone sex.
Hurry, I promise not to tell mommy unless I blackmail you to teach your lil girl even more about the naughty things that adults do in their bedrooms!

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Congratulations you have found the best pedo phonesex slut on the net, I m Penny everybody’s pedo phonesex dream.  I do anything and everything you fantasize about.  Whether its the teen slut you always wanted to fuck, or your hot little sister that walked in on you masterbating and now cant stop thinking about.  Did you have a babysiter that touched you when you were little, you know you loved it, how about a little cuckold; maybe your babysitter let you watch her suck her boyfriends dick or fuck him.  I do it all whatever you want in the world of pedo phonesex, call me I will make you cum over and over with my tight little pussy.

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Hi guys, I am Penny and I am your personal Pedo phonesex slut, I am willing to do anything to fill all your pedophile phonesex needs.  Any age, any scenario, whether your a dad who wants me to be his daughter or you just wanna surf the web for naughty pedo sites.  I am up for anything pedo at any time.  I love to be that little slut down the hall that you want to get out of those panties or maybe you want to be that little underage boy that the naughty nurse takes extra special care of in school.  Whatever your pedo fantasy is call me I will be waiting!!

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Hi guys, I am Penny and since my pedo phonesex blog site is really new I figured I would tell you some of the roleplays and calls I Love to do! So here is just a few!

pedophile fantasy – All your naughty Pedophile fantasies of grabbing that little one and bringing her back to your place to have your way with her! I can be your accomlice in this pedo phonesex fantasie or I can be that lil one!

Incest Phone Sex Calls  – Does daddy like to play with his little girl on his teen incest phonesex calls? I can be your daughter, Niece or little sister, Incest is the best teen phonesex fantasy, so much we can do and have fun with!

Teacher/student or Schoolgirl Fantasies – I can be your teen schoolgirl phonesex dream, I can wear those little short schoolgirl skirts, knee high stockings with mary janes and those cute little white cotton undies! Teacher notices I have been a bad tease and “oh NO, not detention” -giggles.

Humilation & Small cock Losers – Hehe, you really think you should be showing me that, after all I will just stare, point and laugh my ass off at you! I will even call all my friends and tell them what a tiny little cock you have LOL… Maybe I should make you my small cock cucold since you dont have enought to satisfy me!

and much much more!