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Penny’s Pedo Playland – Teen Phonesex Girl


Pedo phonesex with Penny

Penny’s naughty lil phonesex diaries!

It’s me Penny your favorite ageplay phone sex bad girl! I have been having a great time phone fucking lately and really enjoying all of the dirty little roleplays you guys come up with for us to do. I love taboo teen phonesex and it is always fun getting a new caller and finding out what naughty things they are into & want to do on our phonesex call!

There are alot of freaks comming out at night latley and I love all the unusual fetish calls and roleplays you offer up to me. Doing these rare calls is oh so yummy fun for me! And oh I still love all of you guys who stick with the regular daddy’s girl phonesex, babysitter, Pedo phonesex, girl next door or cheerleader  kind of things but it’s always fun to be a bad girl with you.

I know I kind of suck at keeping my phonesex blog updated everyday and I guess you will have to spank me for that (rapidly and repeatedly on my bare ripe bottom)! I feel like a naughty school girl that hasn’t done her homework and in need of some discipline.

I will try to do better at writing more often but I’m still around and still eager to be your naughty little teen fucktoy!

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Penny’s Pedo Playland – Teen Phonesex Girl 
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Cutie patootie!


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I just LOVE being Daddy’s special little girl. He really likes pumping his hard cock in my tight  teen twat! Sometimes he whores me out to his friends after a poker game. I stand in the circle and get creamed on and lap every drop!

So many different flavors of spunk all over my cutie patootie face!

hehe, phonesex teen Penny

Daddy’s little girl phonesex with Lil Miss Penny.


untittgfhled Daddy’s little girl phonesex with Lil Miss Penny.

Daddy’s little girl phonesex with Lil Miss Penny.

I like to make my Daddy super douper happy.  Sometimes my daddy gets really horny &  naughty since Mommy has gone away on the long business trips. I have to take care of my daddy in many many ways. He likes to have poker games with his closest friends. He asked that I take good care of his friends throughout the night, and I know that makes me their little party favor!

Before the games begin and his friends show up he makes me Dress me up really sexy and cute with a school girl outfit and ponytails to get them all turned on. When they have to take a bathroom break, Daddys tells me to take their hand and show them to the bathroom. I usually take them to the big bathroom in the master bedroom and we always make a stop to test the bed out before returning to the game. I  make my daddy proud of his little girl.

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Penny’s Pedo Playland – Teen Phonesex Girl
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1179697zbpxaj8eke Daddy’s little girl phonesex with Lil Miss Penny.

Spoiled teen phone sex with Penny!


spoiled teen phone sex.

I am your spoiled teen phone sex girl. I wanna be daddy’s bad little girl! If you are looking for some preteen phone sex with no limits you have come to the right place. Show your lil girl how to stroke and suck your cock. Maybe you need to teach me a lesson after being an ungrateful spoiled teen. Bend me over your leg and give me a good hard spanking. Get paid by allowing your golf buddies fuck your sweet little princess. Take me to a glory hole hot spot and watch me perfect my cock sucking skills. Spoiled teen phone sex with Penny!

Penny’s Pedo Playland

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your personal Pedo phonesex slut


pennyb 260x400 For All of Your Pedophile Phonesex needs!!!

Hi guys, I am Penny and I am your personal Pedo phonesex slut, I am willing to do anything to fill all your pedophile phonesex needs.  Any age, any scenario, whether your a dad who wants me to be his daughter or you just wanna surf the web for naughty pedo sites.  I am up for anything pedo at any time.  I love to be that little slut down the hall that you want to get out of those panties or maybe you want to be that little underage boy that the naughty nurse takes extra special care of in school.  Whatever your pedo fantasy is call me I will be waiting!!


happy hump day stro­kers,


Hello all my happy hump day stro­kers, I hope every­one is hav­ing as good of a morn­ing as I am… It’s beau­ti­ful out­side and the weather is just about per­fect, I’d love to set out­side on my deck and mas­tur­bate with you ( maybe the neigh­bor guy will see me):::giggles:::

Phone sex is the ulti­mate expe­ri­ence with the right girl who has a great voice, kinky mind and gives you 100 per­cent of her undi­vided atten­tion… That’s this girl right here, when you call i’m 100 per­cent focused on you and your needs.. You’ll never hear me typ­ing or doing any other task while on the phone, because that is just rude! So many of you com­mend me on the fact that I give you all of me and that you’ve had hor­ri­ble expe­ri­ences with other girls who didn’t do that for you and I’m sorry you’ve expe­ri­enced bad phone sex.. There truly are many girls out there who are awe­some and then those who shouldn’t be in the indus­try at all because they suck, right?

Mmm, I’m just happy you found me and love play­ing with me because you know I love play­ing with YOU all :) I hope you are ready today.


Call Me Penny for all your pedo fantasy desires.


normal penny red 78 400x260 Penny Your Pedo Girl!!!

So I just wanted to hear what all you nasty pedophile phonesex freaks  deapest darkest fantasies are.   Every little detail, want me to lick that little girls pussy while you watch stroking that cock.  I will play out every detail your twisted little mind can come up with.

Call Me Penny for all your pedo fantasy desires.


Call Penny for all your Pedophile Needs


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Pick up that phone and call Penny for all your Pedophile needs, I am a no taboo girl so you can be sure that your fantasy will be fulfilled.  I can do everything from extreme ageplay phone sex to your 17 year old daughters cheerleader friend and anything and everything in between.

Just the other day I had a call for a teacher/underage student fantasy, it was quite hot if you ask me.  The thing with that was I was the teacher and he was the student, making me the pedophile, I was so turned me on!

So Any Pedophilia phone sex fantasy call you want to do I am your girl.  I will be waiting here with legs wide open waiting to hear your fantasy!

Penny’s Pedo Playland – Teen Phonesex Girl

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Cock Teasing Phone Sex with Penny


Have you been craving for a gorgeous young girl to tease your cock? Of course you are, thats why you are still staring at my pictures. I want to know what gets you hard! I will most likely use those urges against you.
You will tell me all of your secrets just to be able to cum. Cock Teasing is so much fun *giggle*

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Penny’s pedo phonesex blogs


Hey guys! I’m Penny and I’m 18 and just out of school! I need a real hot fuck, call me now for the best, hottest phone sex you have ever gotten from a barely leagal teen! I really prefer older guys with experience! Someone who knows how to take their time with me and give me that raging orgasm I have been wanting for so fucking long!

I want you to call me for some hot pedo teen phonex so you can tell me how hot you are for my little teen body as you jack that gorgeous cock of yours! I really love to hear the sound of a guy stroking his cock but you know what really sends me over the edge? The sound of a guy having a real, good hard cum! I caught my dad masturbating not to long ago, He didn’t know I was watching, My god he had a beautiful hard cock! When he cam he arched his hips off the bed as he stroked his well lubed member so slow  and shot a stream of cum what must have been two to three feet in the air, the scene made me so fucking hot that I had an orgasm without even touching myself!

I was all I could do to keep from yelling out! IT WAS FUCKING HOT! I want you to use and abuse this piece of jailbait like I am your personal fuck toy! Call me now for the most mind blowing phonesex ever!


Penny’s Pedo Playland – Teen Phone sex Girl
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