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I’ve always been a sweet girl. I’ve always had so much luck at tricking cute little girls into coming back to my place. You see my boyfriend likes little girls, he told me it was just a fantasy but I could tell by the way he looked at my preteen cousin he really wanted bald cunt.

I loved teasing him, inviting her over and her young friends for a girls night. Well one night she came over and I allowed her to drink some vodka. She got a little tipsy so I laid her in my bed. He came in and laid down beside her rubbing her stomach and working his hand down to her sweet young snatch! I just sat and watched his cock start to bulged from him gym shorts.

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Naughty neighbor phone sex is a great teen phonesex fantasy!


Naughty neighbor phone sex is a great teen phonesex fantasy!

How would you like it if the hot girl next door came over one day with some naughty intentions – the tempting teen tease that you can’t help but find yourself attracted to even though you know she is too young for you. Naughty neighbor phone sex is a great teen phonesex fantasy to roleplay because it just fun and flirty and easy to have fun with.

I think a lot of you guys like this one because while it is still naughty and dirty and you get the thrill of being a bad boy, it’s not as kinky say as fucking your daughter or whatever. A little milder but still sexy and hot.

So, what do you say? How about I come over in my cute little skirt and tight top and we see what comes up? We can have some fun with it and the end result is we get to fuck our brains out!

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Welcome to Pennys pedo playland, I am youenny and I am your pedo slut, every pedophiles dream come true.  Let me be  your little play toy for the night or forever.  Bend me over and lick and fuck my little cunt, tight and untainted, but yet ready and willing to please you in whatever way you need.  Fill my holes with every ounce of fluid in that cock.  If you are a pedo lover then you need to try this pussy, make me call you daddy while you pull my hair and fuck me in the ass.

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Hot Pedo Phonesex with Penny


Pedo Phonesex


Hot Pedo Phonesex with Penny

Penny is the little innocent little girl that everyone wants. I will do whatever you command me to do. I know not to say no. My father taught me very well. If one wants’ than one shall receive and that goes for anything! “Giggles”.  I will suck your cock until it turns purple but I bet you will cum way before then once you get into my juicy mouth and my tongue swirling around. Pick up the phone to have Pedo Phonesex with Penny!

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Pedo Phonesex with Penny


Pedo Phonesex


Pedo Phonesex with Penny

The innocent girl you want to command and make do anything you want. Well that’s me Penny. I will do anything you men want. My dad started me young so Ohh trust me I do know how to listen and please you and your cocks. Daddy would sometimes have me help him pick out a little girl that I could train to be just like me

. Pick up the phone to have Pedo Phonesex with Penny. Daddy loves when I put my princess nightgown on and dance around and make his cock get nice and hard for me to play with it. I have plenty of stories and if you are interested then you should pick up the phone and call me for the BEST Pedo Phonesex with Penny.

I’ll be waiting.

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Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex with Teen Penny


Daddy's Girl Phone Sex with Teen Penny

Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex with Teen Penny

Daddy’s girl phone sex …My name is Penny and I am looking for a replacement, a older man with pedo thoughts and fantasies – for someone to have some daddy’s girl phone sex with who enjoys it and not just does it because I want it. When I was a little girl I used to fantasize about daddy sneaking into my room at night after mom had fallen asleep. He would slip under the covers with me and hold me close. He would touch me lovingly and then make me long for more of his touches. 

I would think about him letting me play with his very large, hard cock while he licked my slick, pink pussy until I was shaken uncontrollably! You see, I had peeked under the door while mommy and daddy were having sex and I wanted to be mommy, she was really really enjoying herself…and that is when I first got to see how big daddy really was!

Well daddy’s gone and I really miss being daddy’s little princess, can you help me? I need a father figure who can teach me how to treat a man right.

Call me now for some super secret daddy’s girl phone sex.
Hurry, I promise not to tell mommy unless I blackmail you to teach your lil girl even more about the naughty things that adults do in their bedrooms!

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Pedo Phonesex with naughty little Penny!



Pedo Phonesex with naughty little Penny!
I am the little angle all daddy’s love. I am the little innocent girl who does anything I am told to do especially from daddy. I see all my neighbors watching me while I plant my flowers and roll around in the bloomed ones so I smell like the flowers. Pick up the phone to have Pedo Phonesex with Penny. I have a tight wet flowery pussy that needs to be played with. I am all you ever wanted so pick up the phone and call to have Pedo Phonesex with Penny.
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Hi, I’m Penny. I’m Daddy’s little phone sex princess *giggles*. Ever since I can remember, Daddy has always been so good to me. I would be with him and mommy shopping and I’d want something and mommy would say “No Penny, you cant have everything you see.” Daddy would yell at mommy and say “What do you want princess?”

All I would have to do is point and say “I want that!” Then Daddy would buy it for me. He even bought me a pony for my birthday when I was 9 years old. What Mommy and Daddy don’t know is that I used to love to ride the pony because it felt so good on my pussy. He he!

I love the color purple and I have a lot of purple panties. I love to touch my warm slit. It feels so good. For valentines day every year, Daddy buys me a big box of lollipop’s. He knows just how much I love to suck on them. I would love to be your little girl too Daddy.

Penny’s Pedo Playland

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I just LOVE being Daddy’s special little girl. He really likes pumping his hard cock in my tight  teen twat! Sometimes he whores me out to his friends after a poker game. I stand in the circle and get creamed on and lap every drop!

So many different flavors of spunk all over my cutie patootie face!

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Congratulations you have found the best pedo phonesex slut on the net, I m Penny everybody’s pedo phonesex dream.  I do anything and everything you fantasize about.  Whether its the teen slut you always wanted to fuck, or your hot little sister that walked in on you masterbating and now cant stop thinking about.  Did you have a babysiter that touched you when you were little, you know you loved it, how about a little cuckold; maybe your babysitter let you watch her suck her boyfriends dick or fuck him.  I do it all whatever you want in the world of pedo phonesex, call me I will make you cum over and over with my tight little pussy.